A New Addition to the Tiny Shop

With spring just around the corner and seen as pantone has picked rose quartz as a colour of the year I thought it was fitting to add this bracelet to the collection. It was an obvious add as I have many other quartz bracelets in there already. Now there's more to choose from!


The Light Collection is special. It has an angel charm on one end of it which connects you to your higher power. Ask for help, guidance, assistance or comfort with anything you are doing.

Feeling stressed? Just hold the dangling charm in your hand and ask for the ability to let go of any fear you might be holding onto. Take a nice deep breath in and on the exhale, relax. Let the angels do the rest!


These bracelets are made with real semi precious stones and therefor hold the healing properties of each stone within them. Rose Quartz is all about love and who couldn't use a little more love in their life. You can never have too much of that!


Each Light Collection bracelet is adjustable by attaching the lobster clasp at any point between each of the stones, or at the ring that you see it attached to in the picture above.

Need the bracelet to be a little bit longer? Gently pull on the bracelet at the end of the bead section and the bracelet will lengthen. This is because of the knots between each bead, they will stretch as you pull. Of course don't pull too hard or you may damage your bracelet.

And do note that once you pull and stretch the length of the bracelet, it will not bounce back to a shorter length again. So be gentle and stretch it bit by bit! 


Not quite feeling the rose quartz? That's ok! There are 7 different stones to choose from! Find one that feels right for you!