01. Cake


Standard Cakes

These are our standard round cakes consisting of 4 layers of cake filled & coated with Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Includes the option for a full coat or semi-naked coat of Swiss Meringue Buttercream in one flavour. Basic decoration for each cake is included at no additional charge and some or all of the following depending on cake flavour chosen: buttercream, cake flavour toppings, a chocolate ganache drip, caramel drip, sprinkles, crispy pearls, 24 karat edible gold leaf. 

* Additional cake layers, custom flavours and/or toppings including macarons, chocolate covered oreos or cake gems, chocolate bark, and flowers are additional to the prices below. 

4 inch - $30  { approx. 4 - 6servings }

6 inch - $40 { approx. 8 - 12 servings }

8 inch - $50 { approx. 18 - 24 servings }


02. Cupcakes


Standard Cupcakes

Cupcakes come in standard size only and are topped with Swiss Meringue Buttercream in various flavours, please see the cake flavour menu below. 

* Custom flavours are additional to the price below.

$30 per dozen

* Please note that there is a minimum order of 1 dozen per flavour.


03. Macarons


French Macarons

French macarons are little bit of heaven. They are sandwich cookies made from a meringue, almond flour, icing sugar and filled with just about any flavour you can dream up! 
They are a perfect addition to any party, event or wedding.
Macarons come in a lot of different flavours and if you have any special request flavours,
just let us know and we''ll do our best to incorporate them into your order! 

48 to 100 macarons - $2.50 per macaron { includes 1 - 4 flavours }

101 to 300 macarons - $2.25 per macaron { includes 1 - 6 flavours }

300 and up macarons - $2.00 per macaron { includes 1 - 8 flavours }

* Minimum order is 48 or 4 dozen macarons



Are you interested in having toppings on your cake or cupcakes that are a bit fancy and extra special?

We've got you covered!


add to any cake!

Macarons, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered cake gems, crumbles, candy, chocolate bark, flowers and 24 karat gold leaf.

*for an additional $15


What will you choose?

Decisions, decisions!