Permissions Policy

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This site is a portfolio of all the services we offer, depending on the readers needs. Here are a few things that are important to us based on this being a website of our personal work.


Sharing & Using content

Posts on this site and portfolio pages include images that we've prepared specifically for clients and as such have taken us hours to work on.

If you would like to use any images on this site:

you may:

  • print posts/content of this site for non-commercial use as long as you include the following copyright notice: " © Jade Melnychuk Creative Studio - All rights reserved. Originally posted at "
  • repost a summary of an article ( no more than 100 words in length ) with a link back to the original post.
  • link to this site or any of our original posts and/or pages.

you may not without our written permission:

  • repost any content in its entirety.
  • alter or sell any of the content on this site.
  • translate content/blog posts into other languages.

  * to request permission for any of these uses, please email:

you may not:

  • use or repost any of the content on this site and claim it as your own.
  • alter or sell/resell products purchased from the shop on this website.

Image Sources

If you find images on this site that are unintentionally improperly credited, missing a link or the image source is incorrect, please send us an email to -, We will gladly make the change.

Most images used on this site are our own and have been taken by a member of the creative studio. Images specifically used with regards to the Branding & Web Design sections of this website have been purchased from Twigy Postshere - if you would like to purchase and use these photos.

Images used for client & portfolio brand boards and brand style guides are from pinterest and will be individually linked on each portfolio page shortly. We do not claim to own any images used within each of the moodboards, brand boards and or style guides that we've compiled for clients or personal projects. If you find an image within one of these moodboards, brand boards or style guides that is incorrectly linked or credited, please send us an email to - with the proper link or credit and we will gladly make the change. The image of each moodboard, brand board or style guide as a compilation of gathered photos is however, that of - Jade Melnychuk Creative Studio - and should be credited/linked to appropriately.

* Please note that links to the images within each moodboard, brand board and brand style guide can be found - here.



If you have further questions regarding these Permissions, contact us at  -