Stitch Kitsch

Branding & Website Design

Working with Alex on this project was quite fun. She gave me design freedom to come up with what I felt would represent her and her brand... below you can see what she picked and her branding. 

She's a fibre artist who hand-embroiders custom pet portraits. They are adorable and she's developed quite a following on instagram all from her doing her own little portrait of her cat Banjo. She's been commissioning pet portraits for people ever since with increasing popularity! 


From start to finish her brand board was fun and right up my alley. Clean and minimal with fine lines, outlines, minimal white and black with a touch of colour. She wanted her branding to be fun, simple and to have a website that was clean & minimal and easy to navigate, so much so that even your grandmother could find her way around!

Her logo was inspired by the way that she started finishing off her pet portraits, with vines around the pet. She has since eliminated the vines from her work but they will live on in her logo!

For her business cards it was important to showcase her work. And we utilized the printfinity option with using a variety of photos from her previous work so she would be able to have options when handing out business cards to potential clients. I love Moo Cards for this very reason as it gives artists the ability to showcase their work with their business cards. 

So check out her work and if you have a pet or know of someone who does then you might find yourself in her shop purchasing your very own! It would be worth it because really who wouldn't love a hand-stitched custom portrait of their loved pet?