Jess Crafting

Jessica has had a blog and etsy shop for a little while now but she wanted a logo and brand that represented who she is and what she does. She crafts all sorts of things, mostly crocheted items, that are fun and cute and she posts patterns for them on her blog.

When we started to work together I got her to start a pinterest board for her inspiration and immediately after looking at it I got a definite sense of what she wanted. It's fun, colourful and cute as well as minimal and simple. I had a lot of fun designing this logo and brand for Jessica and she is thrilled with the design as well! Here's a little bit of how it all came together. 

She loved the colour combination right off the bat and the little hand drawn bird was her favourite! It just made sense to have that be her little logo. She loved how all her ideas seemed to come together and yet be her own style. She loved 2 main logos and has decided to use both of them on her business cards. 

We set up her facebook page, etsy shop and blog with her new branding as well so that it flowed seamlessly with her brand. She loves her new logo and brand and it was such a pleasure working with her. Her creativity and gentle fun loving nature really show through this branding and that was important for this project. 

If you would like to see her blog or check out her shop just click the link below!