Spring '16... coming to a city near you!

Ok, so spring isn't officially here but I'm too excited to wait!

I think I love spring almost as much as I love fall! For so many different reasons.

Spring represents a clearing, fresh start, new ideas and new adventures! In many ways, this is exactly why I love fall! But spring is much more about cleaning out the old and making way for freshness and new. I love a fresh, clean, new perspective and warmer weather and flowers and walking outside without a jacket... who doesn't? So I'm getting ready for it now!

If you live in Vancouver, it's been raining for way longer than one would think that it could and it's cold and windy and rainy. So basically... Yuck! or Enough Already!

I needed something to remind me that the fresh and new comes right after the rain and cold. The rain keeps things fresh and green and it brings out the flowers and brand new leaves. I decided to buy some flowers to help with the reminder and tulips are one of my favourite spring flowers. Simple and classic. Elegant and chic. These ones are my personal favourite colour!

As I'm working and getting ready to share some big things with you all, I have to remind myself to enjoy what's around me. Look up and smell the flowers that are blooming, see the rainbows that seem to be everywhere when it rains here and remember that spring is on its way so don't miss the beauty that is everywhere! 

Like right now, for the last couple hours there has been rain, rain and then heavy rain. But all of a sudden it stopped, mostly, and yup... there's another rainbow!