The Design Process

the steps to design harmony



Step 01. 


Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll schedule a meeting. We want to connect with the deeper meaning of you, your business goals & vision, what your business needs are and how we can help you.


Step 02. 

Book your Brand

Now that we’ve decided to collaborate together, we’ll refine the project in a custom proposal to outline a timeline and price estimate. Next, you’ll sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit that will officially start our work together.


Step 03.

The Foundation

A solid foundation and clarity is essential to building a brand or design that will be both beautiful & successful. To do this, we’ll explore your essential truth. You’ll be guided through specific questions and introspective work about your business vision, values, goals and audience. This will create our guide as we search for visual inspiration and build a creative map that will give purpose and meaning for you and your audience.


Step 04.

Edit & Honour

We’ll take a closer look into your essential truth and simplify until we’re left with only the deepest meaning based on our solid foundation. We’ll show you 2-3 strong concepts that translate your intentions, visions and goals into meaningful visuals. You’ll select the one that feels like it’s meant just for you. We’ll simplify + edit so that it fully honours your purpose and intentions.


Step 05.

Build Out

Your brand will be solidified and can be built out with print collateral, website design, social page elements or anything else your business needs to showcase and shine!


Step 06.

Share It

Now that everything's been approved, you’ll complete the final payment. Then, we'll send off your final files and set you up with the tools needed to carry your brand forward with consistency, intention and purpose!


Let's create something meaningful together!