Smokey Quartz


grounding, transmutation of negative energies, organization, manifestation of dreams and inspirations



first chakra { root chakra } & third chakra { solar plexus }





1. Smokey Quartz with Chlorite growing on the outside  |  2. Smokey Quartz cluster  |  3. Smokey Quartz with Spessartine Garnet  |  4. Wrap Bracelet with Smokey Quartz - Handmade Jade  |  5. Layering Wrap Bracelet with Smokey Quartz - Handmade Jade



Smokey Quartz is one of the best grounding stones as it can help one come back to the body and physical world because it cleanses & clears the aura & energetic systems assisting one in connecting to the Earth. Smokey Quartz also offers protection from negative energies as it gently absorbs and transmutes negative vibrations, assisting in eliminating and detoxifying on all levels by grounding it in the Earth where it can be neutralized. It then brings in positive energies to fill the space. It is a good stone for 'keeping things clear' as it is fantastic for clearing the mind and relieving stressful thoughts. Smokey Quartz relives fear, lists depression and brings emotional calmness. This stone teaches you how to leave behind that which no longer serves you.



Because of its grounding and clearing capabilities, Smokey Quartz is extremely beneficial for pain relief, including headaches, cramps & back ache. It's particularly effective for ailments of the abdomen, hips and legs, reproductive system, as well as the muscular and nervous systems. Smokey Quartz dissolves cramps, strengthens the back, muscles & nerves. It also aids the body in assimilating minerals and regulating fluids within the body.



The color of Smokey Quartz comes from natural radiation and is therefore excellent for treating radiation-related illness or supporting chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This stone is also useful for placing near computers, televisions or any electronics to counter excessive electromagnetic fields in one's environment. Smokey Quartz is also excellent for breaking up and dissolving any kind of stagnation in the body or aura as it sends the energy back to the Earth to be neutralized, filling the space with positive energy.



Smokey Quartz is found in many countries including Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Switzerland and USA.



I use smokey quartz quite often. I work with it a lot when making healing jewelry because of it's calming and grounding nature. It is pretty easy to find at jewelry stores and it is also fairly inexpensive, until you look at the very high quality facetted strands! They come in all shapes and sizes as well. I find that I can wear smokey quartz all the time so I tend to incorporate it with many things I make for myself.
I also use smokey quartz during the reiki treatments I do as its grounding energy is very beneficial for clients as they let go of any negative energy they may be holding onto.
A few of these special pieces of smokey quartz live out in the open on book shelves where they can catch the sunlight in my apartment. They also illuminate when placed near plants, probably because of their strong connection to the Earth. I have many pieces of smokey quartz in my crystal collection and these photos are of some of my favourites!
In one of the pictures above is of a special piece { it's the large crystal in the top photo } I found that has another crystal growing inside it. This occurrence doesn't happen very often and when it does it's powers and healing properties multiply. Can you see it? It runs from the lower left back corner diagonally to the center. Pretty cool hey!
Picture 3. is another piece I have that has a teeny tiny piece of spessartine garnet growing on it. When a crystal grows onto another crystal the piece actually has the healing properties of both the crystals making it that much more powerful. I actually found this particular stone when I was going through some intense health issues. I walked into the store and it was literally the first stone I saw amongst thousands. It was as if it was shining brightly for me to notice it, pick it up and hold it so that it could help me with exactly what I was going through. I do this when I pick stones. I walk into a shop and let myself be naturally drawn to whatever I am drawn to. If I find something that seems to draw me to it, I pick it up and hold it for awhile and if I feel like I don't want to let it go then I purchase it. There are so many healing properties of each stone and I find it hard to know them all so when I walk into a store I purposely forget what I think I know about the stones and let them speak to me if they have something to say. Then I go home and look up the meanings. I am ALWAYS surprised and amazed at how accurate the meanings are of the stones I chose to purchase and how spot on they are to what I'm going through at the time. It's fun and truly special!