A Good Life

To enjoy a meaningful life is a purpose worth pursuing.



We value simplifying life to what matters most so that we’re able to focus our attention on the things that we care about deeply. We believe that living on purpose and with intention enables us to live a good life. It’s all about the meaning. Our creative process is rooted in deep meaning, simplicity and harmony. It’s how we do everything.


Hi I'm Jade, the designer behind

Jade Creative Co.


Living on purpose and with intention has become what matters most.

My passions for designing and creating started when I was small. After years of not hearing my own heart and deep truth, I decided to choose to listen. What I felt was that everything I do has deep meaning.

I love to do many things, they all mean something special to me. It took many years to simplify and realize that there is a key element that weaves magically through all the things I do - harmony.

I create everything from this space. Whether it’s adding toppings to a cake, picking a font for a brand, or adding particular essential oils to blend together. Everything is done with purpose and intention. This is who I am at my very core.


Jade is more than just my name!

Jade is the name of a particular succulent plant that is said to symbolize wealth, prosperity, renewal and deep friendship.

Jade is also a semi precious stone that has carried deep meaning and healing properties for centuries. The Jade stone encourages creativity and signifies peace through strength and wisdom gathered in tranquility; dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see oneself as they really are. Jade is a dream stone, releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It relinquishes self-imposed limitations and assists in cherishing one’s ideals and desires, facilitating the ambition and building of those thoughts into physical reality. Jade is an abundance stone, representing the flow of Divine energy into the reality of one’s life. It brings harmony and happiness in business and family relationships, as well material abundance. It is a reminder to smell the flowers, touch the ones you love, and share your heart with others in affirmation of plenty.


What We Do:

We are a boutique creative studio that offers quality goods + meaningful services for an intentional Lifestyle. We do this by crafting meaningful design for web & print, cake & macarons for events, minimal & classic jewelry, creative guides for learning & growing, aromatherapy blends to nourish your body & spirit as well as editorial content for an intentional lifestyle.


Looking for more meaning in your life?

We've got you covered!


What's happening Now:

There’s always lots going on here! We'll keep this page up to date with our current whereabouts and what we're up to now. See the link below.

Currently: We are focusing on developing Nourish by Jade Creative Co. It’s a line of aromatherapy spirit tonics and body oils to support an Intentional Lifestyle. We are really excited to launch this line of meaningful essentials and share them with you!

We believe in giving back and sharing our gifts: Jade will be continuing her work with EWMA - Enterprising Women Making Art - by volunteering Reiki sessions. It’s a chance to support creative women in Vancouver's Downtown EastSide who would not otherwise be able to afford such treatments. It aims to assist women through their creative endeavours so they may provide for themselves, the things that matter most.

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